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Data Story

If you have not noticed, all the rage has recently been around artificial intelligence. Yes! This fancy buzzword is starting to show some fruits of all the labor over the last several decades. Since 2011 the growth in startups within this space has grown 50% each year. All the trial and error, funding, failures, and successes are morphing into real value. We saw ChatGPT from Openai take the world by storm, Notion launched an ai essay planning tool, Wonder for generative art is surging in the app store, Canva announced an auto presentation creator, and so much more is happening. Keep in mind, ai is already in our day to day lives. Your Google Searches, your social discovery page, your GPS, are all outcomes from ai based systems.

Potential Investment Implications

The potential investment implications of ai really depend on how the technology is used and what industries it is eventually applied to.

We have research material here at Avory coming out over the next month or so around major trends we are investing behind, so follow along.

However, here are some implications...

1. Companies are using ai to improve their products or services. Think human-like ChatBots for customer support.

2. We are seeing it in industries such as transportation (assisted driving), manufacturing (generative design), and healthcare (DNA matching).

3. Companies not only build but fine-tune their own business. Ai is helping with operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Disclaimer: See the disclaimer page. Not a recommendation to purchase or sell any securities mentioned.


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