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Data #1

Instagram Reels Out Tick Tocking Tick Tock

Why does this data matter?

Here’s some data that demonstrates the impressive engagement of Instagram Reels. According to Emplifi data, the median short-form video views on Reels are nearly twice as high as those on TikTok. This is a remarkable achievement and indicates that Meta can confidently declare that they have closed the gap and successfully transitioned to yet another successful media form factor. The previous successful transition being the addition of Instagram Stories.


Data #2

World's Stickiest Apps in 2023? WhatsApp #1 and Instagram #4

Why does this data matter?

App happiness is often measured by stickiness. The best way to measure this is by measuring the frequency and duration of users inside apps. Below is a chart that highlights the stickiest apps in the world in 2023. The conclusion? Meta has #1, #4, and #8 out of the top 10.


Data #3

Download Leader? Once Again Meta

Why does this data matter?

The year of efficiency for Meta was also marked by the crown of downloads. Both Google and Meta had a successful year in terms of app downloads from their respective libraries. It is worth noting that Meta launched Threads, which has had a promising start and currently ranks as the second most popular app in the US, just behind TEMU.


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