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Who’s Winning, Instagram or TikTok?

Data #1

Wage Data Supports Healthy Consumer Narrative

Why does this data matter?

The market remains indecisive regarding the direction of consumer demand. This is significant as consumers drive over 70% of the US GDP. Recent data from Bank of America's checking accounts indicates a resurgence in direct deposit of wages post-tax, suggesting a robust foundation for future consumption. It is the lowest earners seeing the strongest gains in wages, which are pushing above 4% after taxes.


Data #2

55% Would Delete TikTok up From 48%

Why does this data matter?

In 2021 and 2022, as TikTok surged in popularity as a social media platform, the prevailing narrative suggested that it would siphon demand from platforms like Instagram. Surprisingly, what we've observed is not only a sustained demand for Instagram but also a notable increase in consumers willing to delete TikTok from their phones over the past few years. While some of this shift may be attributed to political discourse, it likely also reflects Instagram's evolution and improvements over time. The data shows 55.8% of those surveyed whiling to delete TikTok, while 44% Instagram. These figures were reverse in early 2022.


Data #3

Rise in gold prices creating concern, but it shouldn’t. Stocks tend to do well.

Why does this data matter?

Gold has long been regarded as a safe haven asset, and its recent price surge has sparked discussions about potential market signals. However, historical analysis reveals an interesting trend: when gold prices have spiked in the past, stocks have tended to outperform the average over the following one, three, and six months. This contradicts common beliefs and underscores the significance of relying on data to substantiate theories.


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