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60% is a Problem Worth Solving

Data Story

Part of our investment process is finding those problem areas in the world that need to be solved. As we all know, many problems are looking for solutions. We often refer to the problem with Taxies two decades ago. You sat on a street corner calling 1-800 numbers, leaving you with no clue when a taxi driver would come to your location. Uber and others started building solutions to this significant problem.

Today we highlight an even bigger problem, the lack of primary education around the globe. A study shows that 60% of kids globally don't achieve minimum reading proficiency. The good news is there's help on the way!

Potential Investment Implications

Now, solving this problem doesn't require much heavy lifting from here. Companies are solving these problems. Take Khan Academy, which Salman Khan created in 2008. Today it is a non-profit that creates high-quality and digestible educational content for free all over the internet. Or how about Duolingo, which we speak about regularly (investors). The company is best known for its free and paid language learning platform. They also have Duolingo ABCs. Duolingo ABC was developed by a team of learning scientists, engineers, literacy specialists, illustrators, and parents to increase global reading proficiency. Research by Education Development Center shows that kids who used Duolingo ABC for 9 weeks improved their literacy scores by 28%.

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