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App Downloads in November Suggest Healthy Trends for Instagram, Duolingo, and Block

Data Story

It is incredible what app data can tell you.

November was a strong month for app downloads for some leaders within their respective categories.

We continue to focus our efforts on understanding trends and behavior around finance, business, education, and social.

One interesting finding beyond that shown above was that Amazon was #1 in shopping globally. HOWEVER, in the US Amazon downloads were their lowest in November since... 2014

Potential Investment Implications

Many companies we own, track or follow continue to show resilient trends within their user engagement. In the app world, engagement is a leading indicator of future revenue, and revenue is highly correlated to future value.

For example, Instagram is proving its resilience versus TikTok, and we have some other data that suggests TikToks surge in engagement is coming to a halt. Don't get me wrong, TikTok is still seeing heavy usage, however the direction of growth has significantly decelerated.

Disclaimer: See the disclaimer page. Not a recommendation to purchase or sell any securities mentioned.


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