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⚡ Election Returns, Meta vs Snap, Zoom Cash

Data #1

Returns During Elections Tend to be Favorable

Why does this data matter?

While drama often fills election seasons, and many might expect this to cause market volatility, history paints a surprisingly different picture. Despite the increased noise, election years, on average, see positive returns in the stock market, around 10%. Interestingly, historical data seems to show stronger performance during Democratic victories at 13% and 9.5% during Republican victories. Regardless, it shows how markets tend to look past noise.


Data #2

Meta Outdueling Snapchat in Every Way

Why does this data matter?

Rather than focusing on Snapchat's challenges, this data highlights Meta's impressive performance across revenue, profits, and growth. They've achieved remarkable success balancing significant growth and profitability at a massive scale. While Snapchat possesses a highly engaged user base of nearly 1 billion, monetization has proven difficult for them. This may be news to some given my tweets about Snap, but I believe Snapchat still holds potential. With such a large active user base, there's a significant opportunity for them at the right price.


Data #3

Zoom Leads All Enterprise Software Companies in Net Cash at $6.5B

Why does this data matter?

Cash is indeed king, and Zoom exemplifies this principle today. While undervalued companies like Apple were praised for their cash reserves, Zoom has quietly built a large $6.5 billion war chest. We recently analyzed Zoom in our podcast Inside Scoop (listen here) diving deep into their investment potential. It is quite interesting that Zoom's cash position dwarfs even established giants like Adobe and Salesforce in the enterprise software space.


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