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"Trend is your friend"

Data Story

As of July 2022, the internet added over 180 million new users globally over the trailing 12 months. This equates to +5 billion people worldwide on the internet currently. What is even more important is that this means that ONLY 63% of the global population is on the internet today.

Potential Investment Implications

This data is a perfect example of a structural growth trend. It is fair to assume that almost everyone globally will have access to the internet at some point. There are many second and third-order impacts on internet access, such as social platforms, communication apps, digital creative tools, and more. The most recent earnings reports from social media bellwethers highlighted how the demand for these products persists. 2020 was the year where you could assume we have reached peak users, yet platforms such as Snap, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook all individually added users. It is hard to believe that a company with over 3 billion users across apps is still adding users. You often hear that "the trend is your friend", and internet access still has a long way to go.

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