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What's Happening in App Downloads Worldwide?

The app ecosystem is important to track, as it often signals what's winning and losing and what is hot and new. We check downloads every week, summarize them on a monthly basis, and make conclusions quarterly. This past quarter we saw strong 35 billion downloads of apps throughout the globe. Google reigns supremer, making up nearly 27B of the total, with the rest coming from the Apple app store.

There were clear winners at the publisher level, along with individual apps.

Meta as a company was the #1 most downloaded published in the quarter with nearly 650m downloads across apps. This was followed by Google, with roughly 550m worldwide downloads. The #3 and #4 were Supersonic and ByteDance, which were half the downloads of the top two publishers.

TikTok continues to gain traction worldwide, with Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp rounding out the top 4.

One surprise

Meta led on Google Play with the top two apps for the 4th consecutive quarter. Instagram saw 141 million downloads, its best quarter ever on Google Play, growing 27%.


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