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Introduction to the Metaverse (Super Series)

What is the Metaverse? At Avory, we put together a super series to deconstruct the metaverse. We wanted to better understand the future by understanding the problems being solved.

0:00 Guest Intros

2:04 Opening Keynote

9:05 Amal Durai @ Anorak Ventures | Investment Opportunities

32:50 QuHarrison Terry | Metaverse Handbook

1:05:28 Designing Buildings in Metaverse w/ @Arkio

1:24:57 VR Fund Tipatat Discussing Metaverse Investment Landscape

1:46:50 Lori Mazor on How Creativity is Being Unlocked via the Metaverse

2:07:30 @TechRadar Content Director Jeremy Kpaln Shares View Metaverse Views

2:29:30 Edu Transformation in the Metaverse with @VictoryXR Founder Steve Grubbs

2:48:14 State of Metaverse w/ @FReality - VR Podcast Host @Zimtok5

3:04:01 Using VR to Unlock Productivity w/ @Noda Founder Brian Eppert

3:22:30 Metaverse Impact on Edu, Tourism, Culture w/ @Arome Ibrahim

3:37:25 How Marketing in Metaverse is Changing the Landscape w/ ChatBot Founder

3:53:17 Why Architecture is Better in VR and Metaverse w/ Andreea Ion Cojocaru with Founder @NUMENA

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