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State of the Market and Macro | Deflation Scare on the Horizon?

What is the FED Going to Do? Deflation Scare? Open Discussion With Seth Golden

This is a must listen around inflation data + consumer health + economy + valuation

We took our offline conversation with Seth Golden to the forefront. We had a back-and-forth discussion around inflation data, both CPI/PCE including high-frequency data.

We also further discussed our recent twitter posts around valuation and economic readings.

This is a must listen.

Listen on Spotify or Apple


0:00 Opening

1:55 Inflation views, data, used cars, etc.

9:22 PCE vs CPI Pros and Con of the metrics

12:20 Housing CPI lag, Apartment List data

15:50 Used car index, Manheim used car index falling

18:00 Blackbook wholesale car prices falling

19:20 Sean Emory's supply chain thoughts and data

23:20 Seth Golden's supply chain views

30:25 Do prices need to come down to deflate? Deflation coming?

37:50 State of the economy

46:10 Market sentiment overdone? Consumer confidence...

52:20 Valuations

57:20 What should/could FED do? Pivot?

1:03 Finom Group overview and outro



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