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Technology is converging with everything.

Technology is converging with everything.

The famous quote is

"software is eating the world."

Let's take a step back and understand what software is. Software is best described as the interface between computer systems and the individuals that use them. Software delivers programming instructions and data that tells the computer how to perform different tasks. This isn't new, with the first software instructions made in 1948.

So what has changed?

Software has been around for much longer than most realize. However, it is technology compounding on top of technology. The real change has been driven by a combination of the internet, new forms of storage and computing, and the rise in design (UX/UI/UE). This has led to more competition among software developers. In some cases, the competition isn't coming from software devlopers at all but designers using low or no code tools. In today's world, user experience and product utility are table stakes.

Zoom is a prime example of this. For many years you had to jump through software download hoops to use things like Skype and Webex. The meeting would start at 12, and you'd have to jump on at 11:45 just to log on. That example is software eating software, which was going from one software program to another.

Back to the point of this post. Technology is converging with everything. Investors no longer can/should think of technology as a sector but as a necessary bridge to problem-solving. Supply chain issues led to the rise of the software provider Flexport, stay-at-home orders led to the rise of cloud-based software provider Zoom, and retail trading led to the increase of traditional banks emphasizing technology spending.

How do you think about technology? What are some tools you use?

Internally our stack looks something like this.

Box - Storage

Notion - Everything

Slack - Communication

Wix - Website/Blog

365 - Email

MailerLite - Campaigns

Zapier - Can't live without

Canva - Design

and many more...


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