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Cash App, Amex vs eBay, 2%

Data #1

57% of Cash App Ads are TikTok and Snapchat. Venmo Facebook Heavy.

Why does this data matter?

Cash App's success is largely driven by organic traffic and new users, with a remarkable 90% of growth coming from organic sources. This strong brand foundation enables creative marketing approaches, as seen in Cash App's strategies over the years. When looking at Cash App's advertising efforts, data shows that they focus on three main platforms today. Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. These platforms cater to younger demographics. In contrast, Venmo allocates a significant 24% of their ad spend to Facebook, whereas Cash App dedicates only 10% of their budget to this channel. Notably, Cash App has significantly reduced their YouTube ad spend, dropping from 12% last year to just 2% currently. Time will tell, but both platforms are battling to become the bank of the future.


Data #2

eBay Drops Amex, but Amex Users Spend 2x Avg eBay Consumer

Why does this data matter?

eBay recently announced they'll no longer accept American Express cards starting August 17th, citing high fees. This follows a similar trend… I just saw a store refusing Amex for the first time in ages. Interestingly, American Express claims their eBay customers spend twice as much as others. It seems eBay wants more than just payment processing. Richer data and consumer insights might be the real reason behind the split. Negotiations could still be happening, but the future of online payments seems to be about more than just accepting credit cards.


Data #3

ISM Survey Ticked Lower Further Emphasizing Path to 2%

Why does this data matter?

As I mentioned earlier, the ISM Services survey results came out this week. Here at Avory, we focus on the Prices Paid component. This month's lower reading suggests inflation may dip towards 2% in the near future. Historically, there's a strong correlation between the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and service sector prices paid. Data data data.


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