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Supportive Data on Block, Meta & Changing Auto Market

Data #1

Data Continues to Support Block’s Competitive Advantage

Why does this data matter?

Our investment strategy prioritizes short-term data to confirm long-term trends. This week, we analyzed a key indicator: 90-day web traffic for Block's Cash App and Square compared to PayPal's core app and Venmo. The results are very positive, suggesting continued high demand for both Block products. Encouragingly, data for AfterPay (also owned by Block) shows healthy traffic and customer satisfaction trends. Specifically, Cash App and Square web traffic have grown by 21% and 17% respectively.


Data #2

Meta Continues to Be Leader in App Downloads Across Family of Apps

Why does this data matter?

Expanding on web traffic data, here's a look at app downloads across Android and Apple app stores. Meta, despite its large user base, continues to experience significant growth. Notably, Meta apps within the top 10 most downloaded apps have seen a combined increase of 150 million downloads. Additionally, Threads, a Meta app, sits as a #3 app overall and ranks within the top 10 in total downloads. This data aligns with Mark Zuckerberg's positive comments on Threads' post-launch performance during the recent earnings call. Furthermore, the strength of Chinese apps is evident with TikTok, CapCut, and Temu all experiencing significant downloads. This is important as Chinese pressures continue to emerge from a political standpoint.


Data #3

Avg Age of Cars Continues to Extend

Why does this data matter?

Several factors are contributing to longer car ownership: engineering advancements, improved durability, and affordability challenges. In 2024, the average car age hit a record high of 14 years, a 3-year increase from 2012. This trend has potential consequences. Lower annual car sales volume means fewer new cars on the road, potentially impacting technological advancements in vehicle safety and features. Additionally, when interest rates eventually drop, a surge in car buying could occur as pent-up demand from those who delayed purchases due to affordability is released. This data suggests a fascinating dynamic in the auto industry, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.


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